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richard la ruina dragons den

Refuses 200k £ investment Dragons Den, time: 14:35

Gambler pitches his unique entrepreneurial idea on BBC 2's Dragons' Den. Categories: It's quite a den of dragons to walk into, this TV show. Real Name: Richard La Ruina Affiliation: PUA Training Website: 'Dragons Den' Unfortunately, La Ruina did not manage to obtain the interest or funds from the. Richard La Ruina, known as Gambler within the seduction community, is a On 5 August , La Ruina appeared on UK Dragons' Den with the lead female. Gambler Richard La Ruina biography/ wiki with personal data, trademark advice, In August , Richard appeared with Kezia on Dragon's Den (The UK. In August , she appeared in the UK version of “The Apprentice”, alongside Richard La Ruina, on the show Dragon's Den (Season 7. Interview With Super Seducer Developer Richard La Ruina You may have seen Richard on Good Morning Britain and Dragon's Den in the. I was watching "Dragons Den" on BBC2 the other night and was amazed to see the pickup artist Richard La Ruina (Gambler) pitching the. -

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